PoQStacker is a PC based MP3 and Wave file music player with a playlist manager/organiser. If you have a CD or MP3 collection, PoQStacker will assist you to re-connect you to your music.

Note - Currently, PoQStacker only works on a PC with MP3 and Wave file music.

PoQStacker doesn't try to sell you anything, nor does it charge you rent to listen to the music you already own.

PoQStacker builds a library (database) from your music collection, and has a Play Queue that manages the tracks you want to listen to.

It includes our resident DJ (Hal) - all you need to do is select the playlist(s), and Hal will do the rest.

Switching libraries is instant – you don't need to wait for the computer to re-scan your music.

PoQStacker comes with a playlist manager, where, you can create any number of Playlists – for special occasions, or just mood. You can transfer a Playlist onto a CD (burn) or USB drive - most other software can do this, however, they don’t maintain the playing order, POQStacker does.

PoQStacker comes with a CD Ripper - which will convert your CD into a high quality mp3 music file. This is very low config ripper. The encoder is provided by Lame, and the metadata provided by www.freedb.com.

PoQStacker has a Levelling (sometimes called Normalisation) option where the Player will replay tracks at a similar audio level. PoQStacker uses a unique technique for this which allows this facility to work through a network connection too (other software can do this, but only when using their own proprietary player). PoQStacker works with ANY player, and DOESN’T lose bit resolution in the process.

PoQStacker not only plays to your PC's sound card (or Bluetooth), but can also play to devices on your local computer network that use DLNA (TV, Blu-ray, Amplifier, Sound bar...). A unique feature of PoQStacker is - you can set the Player device independently from the Volume control device. Eg – I set the Player to my BluRay where it displays the track artwork (if any), however, my Amp spits the video and audio so the BluRay doesn't provide an effective volume control, so to improve this I set the Volume control to the Amp.

PoQStacker also provides tools for backing up libraries, and maintaining library synchronisation.